Storms bubble up Tuesday evening

Some late season thunder boomers are on the way, and there is even the possibility that a couple of those storms are on the strong side. Here’s the setup.

We have a cold front advancing our way Tuesday night. On the leading edge, we’ll have the capability of punching up a few thunderstorms in a line from NE to SW. Those storms should fire just off to our western reaches before moving eastward with time. Look for these storms locally to the west around 8 PM and exiting east by 1 AM.

Should a strong storm be realized, we’re looking at some gusty and and small hail. I’m not sold on reaching severe limits on a widespread level at this point. Hail will be a bit more easily obtained in a late-season scenario where colder air is deeper than a warmer season scenario.

Some welcomed rain is accompanying this line for most everyone. Most should expect more than 1/4″ of rain.