Stepping through Spring

Temperatures are on a surge. We’ll stair step up each of the next six days. 50s return Friday. 60s arrive this weekend and the 70s by Tuesday.

The setup will favor warmth as we’ll enter a ridge of warmer air with a cutoff area of low pressure to the south of us. This is a blocking pattern and it typically holds up the normal flow of the jet stream. This setup will persistently bring us warm, southwesterly winds from the desert southwest.

Temperatures will be the most robust on Wednesday courtesy to an ideal wind, and dryness to the atmosphere. This should maximize our temperature potential. For now we have upper 70s slated but certainly could be warmer in this scenario.

The last time RST hit 70°+ was early November. You have to go back to September 20th to find the last time we hit 80°+ (and 90°+).