Spring is back, for now

It’s finally back to that Spring-time feel. Nevermind our temperatures are still overall running a bit behind the 8-Ball for the next few days. It’ll be nice, especially on Wednesday. Another day of full sun is expected and highs push upper 50s to low 60s.

Temperatures are warmer still for Thursday and even Friday, but with more clouds expected it won’t be as pristine. Rain opportunities are ahead, but they don’t look quite as soaking. The onset is also a bit delayed, pushing the first appreciable rain opportunity back to Friday afternoon.

Let’s talk about the rain chances ahead. The setup will bring a cutoff low over the Great Lakes region. The first couple of waves of rain will bring the most. Friday afternoon and again Saturday afternoon. Although this low will be persistent in sitting in place, it will weaken with time and it will be sitting at a distance from Minnesota/Iowa. What that means for us is less soaking and persistent. That said, it will be cooler and also fairly cloudy all the way into next week until this low can kick out of the region.