Snow potential late Wednesday

It’s been a mediocre winter when it comes to snow, however a passing a clipper system will bring the chance of snow to the area late Wednesday.

As of Monday, the Rochester International Airport (RST) has received just under 10″ of snow since the beginning of October which is more than two feet below average. That deficit will have the chance to get trimmed a bit as a clipper targets the area on Wednesday.

The system will be fairly progressive and quick hitting with rain likely developing beforehand sometime on Wednesday evening as temperatures will be warm enough for liquid. However, as temperatures cool off, any rain will likely mix with and change to snow with snow lasting through the overnight before wrapping up early Thursday morning.

At this time, much of the area may see at least one inch of snow, however a narrow corridor of 2-3″ is certainly possible. However, there is still some uncertainty on where that band may lay out due to uncertainties on the storm track with another factor being if rain on the front end hangs on longer before a switch to snow, than amounts could be lower. Regardless, some impacts are possible heading into the Thursday morning commute.

The bulk of any snow will occur overnight with the system exiting the area by mid morning on Thursday.