Smaller rain chances, one more “cooler” day

The light showers of the past couple days continue to be plausible Wednesday night. A few of us could still get some showers, but don’t expect much beyond 1/4″ to 1/3″ of rainfall. Otherwise, we will be remaining mostly cloudy to overcast the rest of the evening.

By daybreak Thursday morning, the low pressure system that has continued to bring us rain will be too far southeast for us to get more rainfall. Some patchy fog will look to return as well. Temperatures for Thursday are in the low to mid-70s. After Thursday, the sun is back out and we warm up into the low-80s.

We have one more rain chance in the near future: late Friday and early Saturday, a round of thunderstorms is expected to race through our area. Southern Minnesotans are more likely to see these storms, but northern Iowans are not totally out of the picture with these. Storms are not expected to become strong or severe as the timing is not the most favorable. After these are out early Saturday, we stay warm and dry up until the middle of next week.