Short-lived Spring?

The headline might make you scared that the warm temperatures won’t materialize. Don’t worry. It will warm up. But it might just warm up too much to be classified as Spring-like weather! That’s right, temperatures will be surging next week.

We’re already taking big steps upwards each day. For Friday, we’re back into the mid 50s. Low to mid 60s on back to back days are set for the weekend. Next week is where we surge into the 70s. Warmest of the stretch will be Wednesday. This will be a day with one of those ‘ideal’ setups for warmth. For now we’re going with the upper 70s but I wouldn’t be surprised if we knock on the door of 80 if this setup holds.

Rain prospects are overall high in the next week. The best opportunity is late on Sunday into the evening where a slow moving band of showers moves in. Past that, we’re waiting all the way until the end of next week.