Severe threat favors hail

The severe threat is still much more pronounced to our south towards central and eastern Iowa where a warm front is situated. We will still see thunderstorms this evening, and while they won’t have the normal severe weather vigor we associate with severe t-storms we have a unique situation on our hands which will make that level a bit more easily obtainable. It surrounds our temps.

Our cool temperatures extend up through the atmosphere too. This means the freezing level is sitting much lower than a normal summertime level. With the updrafts of incoming thunderstorms moving in, it makes it a bit easier to circulate a bit of hail. That’s our threat.

Look for a window from 6-10PM from west to east. Storm motion will be brisk to the northeast.

A secondary threat would be some gusty winds. T-storms are already occurring in a breezy environment and it may accentuate the conditions a bit.

The widespread tornado threat remains well southeast of our area.