Rainy and Snowy Thursday

While totals of both are not going to be overwhelming, we will be feeling the impacts once we get to the afternoon. An Alert Day will go into place due to the impacts expected from slick road conditions and limited visibility as the snowfall is taking place. Snowfall totals look to top off around 2-3″ around I-35 in southern Minnesota and get lower the farther east and south you go.

Temperatures start out in the 40s this morning, but consistently drop as the day goes along. It will be to the point where temperatures are in the teens out the door. Sub-zero wind chills cannot be ruled out as winds are expected to still remain gusty early Friday.

Once we get to the weekend, a few snow showers are possible early on Saturday, but they won’t move the needle much for impacts. We are back in the 30s and 40s next week starting on the first day of Spring on Monday.