Rain, Rain, Won’t Go Away

After a few very sunny days, we’re back to more rain. It will be on and off throughout the day today. Despite the rain-cooled air, we’re still looking at highs mostly in the mid to upper-60s. These showers today will be harmless. Don’t be surprised to hear a few cracks of thunder here and there.

Thunder will become more common over the weekend. Rounds of storms are expected to pass both late Saturday and late Sunday, with Sunday’s storms posing the potential to be a little strong. Severe weather is not likely at this time, but it’s not out of the question. If we were to see storms become strong or severe, the primary threats would be strong hail and high winds.

Conditions get considerably more dry heading into next week. Isolated rain remains possible Monday and Tuesday, but nothing like the on and off rain we will be experiencing the majority of the next few days. Temperatures climb into the 70s after a warm front moves through early Sunday. We will stay in the 70s next week even after rain wraps up.