Rain for some Thursday, cooler weekend ahead

For the third consecutive day, highs set new records Wednesday afternoon. A storm system to our southwest is delivering heavy snow to parts of Colorado, and will be bringing rain to parts of the Midwest Thursday. Unfortunately, not all of us are going to see that rain. While there is a likelihood of rain in the ABC 6 News area, it will be restricted mainly to areas south of I-90. Northeast Iowa looks to be in for a decent soak by the end of Thursday.

Behind that system, cooler air will prevail, and a reinforcement of cooler air arrives this weekend. Temperatures are not going to take a big drop on Friday, but highs on St. Patrick’s Day and Monday are going to stay in the 30s.

Beyond this weekend, a generally cooler and more seasonable trend will continue. It looks like that will last through the rest of the month of March with daily highs running much closer to the seasonal averages for this time of the year. Basically, that’s going to mean highs in the 40s and occasionally into the 50s, but below record territory.