Rain chances dot the forecast

It’s not a washout every day, but every day will open up a varying opportunity for rain. Some of the most soaking periods appear to be Thursday morning, Friday evening and again Saturday into Mother’s Day.

Focusing on the first couple of chances, we’ll look at the first half of Thursday with a decaying cluster of showers and storms arriving from the west. There will be pockets of localized heavier rain but a general range of 1/4″ to 3/4″ of rain is expected in most locations. The afternoon will trend drier.

While an isolated shower or storm does remain possible for Thursday evening through Friday afternoon, that’s a clear window where things will be quieter.

It’s Friday evening where we’ll be watching storms firing to our southwest and advancing our way. A warm front will be to our south and that should provide a barrier from the bulk of a severe weather chance from getting here. All eyes will be on that front. While the severe weather may not get here, there still should be some rain to slide through.

Rain chances past that this Mother’s Day weekend appear on both days but details are a bit murky being 3rd and 4th in line to pass through. We’ll break it down as we get closer.