Quiet, cold weekend

Arctic air is still holding court across a large chunk of the country and will hold tight through Sunday morning. Winds will pick up Sunday, boosting highs to nearly 20° Sunday afternoon, but with a strong wind it won’t feel a whole lot milder.

The weather pattern will remain quiet into the start of next week before a storm system looks to affect the Midwest on Tuesday. Temperatures are going to get a boost up to about 30° on Monday, and the rest of the week will be a few degrees milder. While it’s going to be warmer than this past week, there is still winter weather ahead. Tuesday’s storm system holds the potential for accumulating snow across the region, and we’re watching its track for snow potential here in the ABC 6 News area.

High temperatures will hover in the mid-30s through next week, and yet another storm system looks to have an impact on Thursday. This one is a bit tougher to pin down, mainly because it’s so far out, but it looks to bring more rain than snow. Whether we see rain or snow next week, the spell of bitter cold weather will come to an end this coming Monday.