One More Gloomy Day

We have one more day of gloomy conditions before the sun peaks back out. Expect pretty dense fog on the morning commute into work. It will clear as we get later in the morning, but we will also be cooling off. Highs are in the upper-30s and low-40s early with us getting colder and colder as the day goes on.

There is also a very isolated chance for a flurry or two earlier today, but most, if not all, will not see it. It won’t be enough to cause impacts.

Conditions are going to be very windy. Winds could gust as high as 40-45 MPH. Wind chills will be in the teens at their coldest.

The good news is starting Thursday, skies clear up beautifully, and we warm up again. We’re back in the 40s Thursday, well into the 60s over the weekend, and we have multiple days next week in the 70s. Spring is finally here!!