Numerous Light Mixes, Bigger Mess Next Week?

The Weather First area will see a few brushes of a light wintry mix Thursday-Friday morning, then again Saturday-Sunday morning. Each of these will see very light rain, drizzle really, turning to a few flurries later each evening, ending early the following morning. Both of these chances aren’t expected to see too much in the way of travel impacts, but as always, go slower when encountering any type of precipitation. Early next week could be a different story however, as a stronger storm system will try to move into the area Monday -Wednesday. As expected, the track has already started to shift a little, now moving a little more to the SE. This track will be the big difference maker in what kind of precipitation we see with this storm, whether it’s a rain to mix to snow event, or all-snow. We’ll continue to track this as we get closer to the start of 2023!