Monday Night Storms, Drier Next Few Days

For the most part, we are looking dry over the next few days. However, we do have storms in the forecast late Monday night. They are most likely not going to cause serious impacts, but one or two could become strong or even severe. If one manages to get strong enough, hail would be the biggest concern.

There is also the possibility of some isolated thundershowers later in the day Tuesday, but not everyone should be impacted by them.

Most of us will not see rain until later this week. Friday is when most of the thunderstorms return. It’s too early to tell exact rainfall totals, but rain chances last throughout Friday and the majority of the weekend. Showers are currently in the forecast on Mother’s Day.

Up until this weekend, temperatures will be slowly getting warmer and warmer. We’re back in the upper-40s and low-50s for Tuesday morning, but we’re right back in the 70s in the afternoon. By the end of the work week, we are flirting with 80s.