MNDOT and local snow removal companies gearing up for first snowfall of multiple inches

First Big Snowfall of the Season

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(ABC 6 News) – Snow is expected to fall Monday night through Tuesday, causing the biggest impacts on the Tuesday morning commute.

We have yet to see more than two inches of snowfall this season.

For Branch Manager at Weller Brothers Landscaping Kirk Olson, he and his staff have been ready. “We have been waiting for this all winter long.”

Under normal seasonal circumstances, snow removal is their top money-maker this time of year, but not this time around.

The 2023-2024 winter has been our least snowiest in over 20 years.

Now that we finally have more than flurries in the forecast and any needed repairs to the trucks have been made, the staff at Weller Brothers has been prepping all day. They already had several trucks loaded by early Monday afternoon.

“Everybody gets their trucks ready to go,” said Olson. “We get salt in place, shovels in the trucks, plows on, double check to make sure tires are good, lights are working, and that everything else is in good working order.”

They are not the only ones getting going, MNDOT has also been busy prepping.

A total of 204 plows are ready to go for 12-hour shifts here in southeast Minnesota. Half of the plows were out Monday afternoon and evening, prepping roads to make it easier for the other half of trucks bracing for the snowfall overnight.

MNDOT spokesperson Mike Dougherty explains the shifts. “Those folks are scheduled to work until midnight tonight. Then, another fresh crew will come on. Snow plows will head out from there.”

Dougherty goes on to explain what prep work the trucks are up to. “They’ve been out putting down brine, kind of a pre-treatment on some areas like the traffic ramps.”

This also includes bridges and overpasses.

In contrast with snow removal companies, MNDOT’s budget is in better shape with having to pay less overtime for snow removal; the other projects the department has been working on brought in more money.

Make sure to give yourself 10 car lengths between you and plow trucks; in case any sudden adjustments need to be made you are able to make those adjustments.

Tuesday’s snow will be the most impactful day for us.