Mild and active stretch ahead

The pattern through the end of the week, the weekend and next week is mild but active. The jet stream is just off to our north and riding that jet will be a series of small disturbances.

Initially our best prospects for rain appear to fall for Thursday night into Friday and again on Sunday. While more waves will follow, forecasting each one becomes a bit more murky as they’re all intertwined on how they ebb and flow. This means the early waves will have a little bit of a say in how the whole train will evolve.

The setup is mild, but the daily temperatures will be greatly influenced on the rain and clouds at play. Generally speaking, upper 60s and low 70s look to be the middle ground for any day ahead beginning Friday, but we may have to make adjustments away from that range depending on how things transpire.

Overall, the warmth will also bring an increase in moisture too. The two combined will likely yield some rumbles of thunder. Although, nothing in particular is screaming that strong storms are in the scenario at this point.