Likely awhile before we see snow again

With April kicking off on Monday and some warmer, mild air returning by next weekend, it will likely be awhile before we have snowfall again. El Niño is still in full swing, and we have only had one year dating back to 1990 with 10.0″+ of snowfall in the month of April at Rochester International Airport; that was in April 2018 (when we had 17.0″).

Above average temperatures will move in later this week, as we are up near 60° by next weekend. We currently sit at the second least snowiest season on record. Although, recent snowfall has pushed us upwards of 20″. Unless we get a serious anomaly of a snowstorm like 2013, we will likely finish in the top 5 for least snowiest seasons on record with consistent, month-to-month data going back to the early 1930s.