Light, fluffy snow Thursday; still cold

Cold, quiet weather continues through Thursday morning before we get a little change in the weather later in the day Thursday. For now, wind chills will dip down to around -10° with a light breeze Wednesday night through Thursday. Temperatures have been back up to nearly 10° above zero as of Wednesday afternoon and will be very similar gain Thursday.

Regarding that snow potential Thursday: a fast-moving clipper will slide through the region, affecting us Thursday from the late afternoon through evening. Snow totals will be minor, but may be just enough to shovel (or sweep, being light and fluffy) by Thursday evening. It will be enough to make roads slick in spots and briefly limit visibility. Overall, not a real big deal, just heads up that things may briefly look different late Thursday.

Cold, arctic air will linger through Saturday before temperatures start to moderate late this weekend into next week. Highs return to the upper teens Sunday afternoon and will jump back above normal next week with highs in the 30s. There is a chance for some light rain/snow mix from Tuesday through Thursday of next week.