Incoming Snow & colder weather

The rest of Sunday will be about as calm as we get the rest of this week. We have incoming snow Monday night through early Tuesday. Snowfall totals are looking to vary, but most of us are in line for our biggest snowfall of the new season. The highest totals will likely come south of I-90. On the high end, we are looking at around 4-6 inches. Up closer to Highway-14, we are looking at about 2-4 inches for most of the area. If the track shifts north, however, that could increase our snowfall totals. Stay tuned to see if the snow ends up shifting north.

We also have other snow chances later this week. Wednesday night and Friday night into Saturday are the other two opportunities this week. Both of them are expected to be lighter than the one on Monday and Tuesday.

We are still expecting colder weather later this week. Single digits and sub-zero temperatures are in the forecast by next weekend.