Heating up Friday, record highs this weekend

After a very nice, seasonable stretch of late summer warmth this week, another heatwave is upon us for Labor Day weekend. Take advantage of comfortably mild weather tonight into Friday morning with lows in the 50s, because highs will be running 10 to 20 degrees above average from Friday through Labor Day.

Along with temperatures ramping up into record territory, which is now in the mid-90s, there will be a strong breeze through the weekend as well. The combination of heat, wind, and lower relative humidity each day will lead to even drier conditions than what we have now, and an increased fire danger. If you’re camping or hosting a backwoods bonfire this weekend, please use extra caution.

Even though there are no advisories, watches, or warnings for hot weather this weekend, the heat will take a toll on you, especially if you haven’t been outside on a regular basis. Drink plenty of water, take breaks, and soak up some shade. Even better, take a dip in the kiddie pool and run through the sprinkler. After all, we all know this kind of warmth won’t stick around forever in this part of the country.