Haze impacts temps, Thursday afternoon storms

Another hazy day is ahead Thursday. As we’ve seen in recent afternoons, it has been enough to keep the temperatures under expectations due to that filter on the sun. We’ll expect the same on Thursday, despite a warming breeze.

The biggest emphasis is actually the chance for rain on Thursday. From 1 PM to 9 PM we’ll see a cold front slice through. Ingredients for severe weather are lackluster. Only garden variety showers and t-storms are expected. Streaky amounts over 1/4″ are possible, otherwise, expect less.

Temps are sharply colder for Friday. Clouds will hold through most of it. And with a cooling breeze in place with limited sun, don’t expect much gain. Highs only make the upper 50s.

We’ll get a reprieve from the smokiness on Friday (behind the clouds) and also Saturday too. Fires are still ongoing in SW Canada and may once again send smoke our way down the line if the pattern is correct.