Feeling Like The End of Summer, Cooler at Times

The 60s and 70s we have been experiencing the past few days are not a fluke. This is what we will be seeing for temperatures after Saturday. Saturday is also the last time we are looking to see 80s in our area at all for awhile.

A few thundershowers become possible late Saturday and early Sunday. Although the odds are small, it is the best opportunity for rain in the next week. A cold front will pass through behind these thundershowers, ushering in the 60s and 70s that will be highs over the next week plus. A few more thundershowers will be possible behind the cold front late Sunday into early Monday, but don’t count on these being widespread either. No other opportunities for rain are in the forecast at this time.

Temperatures during the overnight will drop as low as the mid to low-40s during the middle of the week. If you have been looking forward to busting out your hoodies or fall clothes, now will be the best time to do just that.