Enjoy The Sunshine While It Is Here

We have one more day of sunny skies, before clouds rain, thunder, and even a little snow take over for the rest of the week. Having said that, our highs are back on either side of 40° for Tuesday, with a mostly sunny forecast.

There are two systems to track for the rest of the week; the first Wednesday morning, and the second Thursday – early Saturday. Wednesday’s will bring a round of very light snow to the area, very early in the morning. We will be sleeping through most of this, with only an inch really at best for snowfall potential.

The second system is a little more robust in terms of precipitation. A light rain and snow mix is possible early Thursday, ahead of the steady rain Thursday afternoon & evening. This rain chance carries over into and throughout Friday, along with a few rumbles of thunder at times heading through the afternoon. Rain will gradually turn to a rain/snow mix Friday evening, before it becomes all-snow Friday night-Saturday morning.

We are tracking the potential for accumulating snow, however the track & potential totals remain in question at this point. Another area of concern with this end-of-the-week system will be the thunderstorm potential Friday. The potential for a few stronger storms does exist, however, that opportunity continues to look best just to our south, across central & east central Iowa. The position of the warm front will be key, should it lift a little farther N/NE, we could see the strong storm potential move into our NE IA communities.