Damp, drizzly turns snowy

The next three days carry Alert Day status as our complex winter storm system moves through.

The worst of the conditions continues to be in the Dakotas, Nebraska and northern Minnesota. We won’t see that, but we’re also not getting away with out impact completely. Here’s the breakdown

Wednesday: After a few slippery spots in the morning commute from overnight wintry mix. Temperatures warm towards 40° alleviating any icy conditions. It will be foggy at times and periods of drizzle are possible. No major impacts to the evening commute are expected.

Thursday: Snow returns as the day progresses. Light snow showers will continue to fall into the overnight. It’s enough we’ll likely see some slippery stretches of road on the travel scene. Wind remains lighter and the temperatures fall back below freezing.

Friday: Snow showers continue. The wind increases. NW wind gusts reach 25-30 mph. Some areas of blowing snow are possible. The travel scene continues to see some stretches of snow/icy covered roads. Temps remain below freezing.

Snow accumulation in the two day stretch is 1-4″. This will be a long, drawn out accumulation rather then seeing a burst all at once.