Couple storms pulse up Friday evening

A cold front pushes through the region this evening.  Some of us will have it pass through without much signal of its passing.  A few others will have a better opportunity to see a couple pulsing storms form.  First things first.  

It looks like we’ll be able to see a few storms break through the cap and let loose on Friday evening.  It is more likely that this activity gets going later into the evening, closer to 7 PM.  A couple storms will build mainly south of a line from Rochester to Mason City.  These areas will have the best chance to see them.  It looks like the front will be out of our area by 10 PM ending the chance for rain.

The setup isn’t too favorable for severe weather.  I could see a gusty wind with the strongest cell but most will be pulse-like and will have a hard time sustaining themselves to build up into robust boomers.

Spotty downpours are expected.  A few will pick up 1/2″ of rain, but many will not.