Cold start Wednesday, light snow on Thursday

While Wednesday morning will not be quite as cold as the past few mornings, you likely won’t feel much of a difference. Wind chills are still trending as low as around -25°. Wind chills will remain sub-zero once again, but air temperatures are trending mostly double digits ABOVE zero for the first time this week.

A couple snow showers cannot be ruled out on Wednesday, with the best chance around the Highway-18 corridor. Most, if not all, of this snow will stay south of us. Any snow we get locally will not be enough to cause impacts.

Thursday is still our best chance for snow the rest of the week. Most of us will likely fall short of 1″. While there will be slight impacts from visibility standpoint, any snow we get the rest of this week will not cause the impacts we had last week from snow.

A warm front will race through this weekend on Sunday, and the passing of the warm front will be the official end to our cold spell we are currently in.