Cloudy, gloomy, areas of fog Tuesday with freezing fog possible Wednesday

It is the cloudiest time of the year and there will be plenty of them in the days ahead.

Moisture and mild air will continue to move into the region leading to a cloudy and gloomy day for Tuesday. The warmer than average temperatures will also continue to melt away at the lingering snowpack adding additional moisture to the air. As a result, areas of fog will be likely throughout the day and there may be some icy spots where temperatures are below freezing.

High temperatures are expected to climb into the low-to-mid 30s.

A system will pass to the south with freezing rain, snow and rain likely across eastern Iowa into southern Wisconsin with some accumulations possible.

Fog once again will develop late Tuesday night into Wednesday morning becoming locally dense with visibility likely below one mile for most.

Temperatures will once again be below freezing so some freezing fog and icy spots are possible on area roads, overpasses and bridges, and untreated surfaces like parking lots, sidewalks, etc.