Christmas 2022 – One of the snowiest on record

Christmas 2022 will likely go down as one of the snowiest on record. We’ll be aiming for somewhere near 15″ of snow depth on the ground by the evening on Christmas.

Currently there is 9″ on the ground at RST. But an additional 4-7″ of snow is expected through Thursday. In addition, a quick moving storm system on the second portion of Christmas Day will provide another light coating of snow.

The top snowiest Christmas happened in 2010, closing out a three year stretch that comprises the three of the top four snowiest on records. 29″ of snow was on the ground that year. A distant 2nd happened two years prior in 2008 with 17″ on the ground. 1969 breaks up that period in the #3 slot at 15″.

It is very plausible to see a top 5 ranking for 2022. Cold temperatures will prevent melting. We’ll add even more. Time will tell exactly how much.

Reliable records of snow depth date back to the mid 1940s for Rochester. Sporadic measurements exist as far back as 1911.