Brief pop of drizzle & snow Friday evening

A powerful cold front will bring stiff winds and colder temperatures. It’s potent in those departments but will be a bit lackluster on the precip side of things.

Low clouds dominate the afternoon on Friday. With a little minor lift through the cloud layer, some small pockets of drizzle will be possible. No worries, temperatures will be in the 40s so icing isn’t an issue.

The cold front arrives in the evening with some brief snow showers. We’re eyeing sunset to about 10 PM for the window of opportunity. Although, any one spot won’t see much more than an hour or two of snowflakes. Accumulations, if any at all, will be minor and less than 1/4″. Even with such strong winds, we won’t have too much available to us blowing around to cause major issues.

That said, that wind will make travel difficult on the travel scene for higher profile vehicles. This will be the biggest trouble factor for Friday night.