Break in clouds coming, snow arrives later

The rest of Wednesday will be like the majority of the past couple weeks, cloudy. A few flurries will fall from time to time, but nothing that will cause any impacts. In fact, the most you may see are individual snowflakes.

Clouds finally clear up some more overnight, and we actually manage to see some blue skies on Thursday. The clearing will keep us cool early, with lows in the mid teens. A colder start keeps us a few degrees cooler in the afternoon than we have been the past couple days: upper-20s and a few low-30s.

Clouds come back this weekend. Snow arrives again late Saturday into Sunday and then we will still have snow on Monday and Tuesday. Both systems are trending lighter. The former would be under an inch. It’s still a little early to tell exact snowfall totals Monday into Tuesday, but a full blown Winter Storm is not likely at this time. It’s much colder outside after that.