Another record broken this winter

It’s been a record-breaking winter in various aspects across the area, from record warmth to lack of snow.

Several record high and warm low temperatures have been broken since the beginning of meteorological winter on December 1.

December 2023 was the warmest December on record in Rochester and the third least snowiest. February 2024 is on track to also become the warmest February on record. Through February 21, only 0.6″ of snow has been recorded which also ranks as third least snowiest.

The winter as a whole so far, from December 1 through February 21 is also the warmest on record. Considering above average temperatures are mostly forecasted the rest of February and the meteorological season, this winter will likely end as the warmest on record.

Also, fifty degree temperatures have been fairly common this winter than in season’s past. Since December 1 and through February 21, there have been eleven days with a high temperature of at least 50° which is three more than the previous record. Another 50° is forecasted for Thursday with a couple more in the forecast early next week.