Another Comfortable & Sunny Summer Day

Wednesday will be a continuation of what we have been experiencing the past couple days except a little bit warmer: highs are in the upper-70s and low-80s across the area with little to no cloud cover. Air quality remains moderate, at worst, due to a little bit of smoke from Canadian Wildfires. The worst of this will remain to our west through the morning.

Hurricane Idalia, despite being over 1,000 miles away, will create a blocking pattern with high pressure moving into our area. The low pressure center from Idalia will slow down the high pressure set to move through the upper Midwest, slowing it down to where it’s in close proximity through Friday and giving us a few more sunny days like we have been experiencing.

Rain continues to be an afterthought. Outside of early Saturday morning and Tuesday next week, which are small chances at best, we remain dry.

Heat will be the story this weekend. Another wave of air temperatures in the 90s moves in, and Alert Days could be added depending on what we’re looking at for dew points.