Alert Day: Monday Night & Tuesday Morning

We are expected to have our biggest snowfall event so far this Winter late Monday through early Tuesday. It is enough of a threat to garner an Alert Day.

This will not be anywhere near the biggest snowfall event we have ever had, but it’s the first time where the majority of us (if not all of us) are expected to get multiple inches of snow in a season where that has yet to happen until this point.

Snowfall totals will be higher in northern Iowa, with about 4-6″ possible here. Totals get lighter up by Highway-14, but snow is still very much possible here. You will need to give yourself extra time driving during this timeframe or get any errands done before or afterwards. Without a lot of snowfall so far, people are less conditioned for the snowy streets that we are expecting here. That is a big driver in why this Alert Day was issued.

In addition, some snow could also fall along the I-35 corridor early on Monday. Although, snowfall should be very light here.

After this snow chance is when the cold weather starts to usher itself in. By next weekend and Martin Luther King Day, we are experiencing our coldest weather of the 2023-2024 season.