A Few Sprinkles, Then Sunlight

Expect more clouds the rest of Sunday. After sunset, a few sprinkles are possible locally. They will not cause impacts, and will be hard to measure for most communities.

Going forward, we are looking at mostly clear conditions the majority of the work week. A steady, southwesterly breeze will be in place throughout the week, keeping us relatively warm and away from humid conditions. In fact, we’re looking at 80s on Wednesday and close to 80s on Thursday.

With breezy conditions and low humidity, there will be an elevated fire risk. Keep that in mind if you try to set up any bonfires this week.

Our next greater rain chance comes closer to next weekend, with rain looking possible both early Saturday and Sunday next weekend. Although, the timing could change as we get closer. It’s too early to tell any rainfall totals. No severe weather is anticipated in the upcoming forecast currently.