A few flurries, end of the week system

A cold front cruises through overnight. With it, there’s a few minor snow showers to produce some flurries. If you’re lucky, you’ll se a faint dusting but most will not. There will not be impacts for the Wednesday morning drive.

The rest of Wednesday is uneventful with clearing skies. Temps hug the freezing point for an afternoon high.

The end of the week is a tricky setup. Rain enters the pictures on Thursday and even continues into Friday. But it’s Friday that’s the wild card. We’re watching a warm front and how far northward it can rise. To the south of that front, there’s a setup for some big time severe storms. To the north, rain will transition to snow. So that push of warm air is critical to the going forecast. We’ll be tracking the scenario closely and unload the details as we get into Wednesday.