Woman files lawsuit against man charged with stabbing her at hospital cafeteria

(ABC 6 News) – A lawsuit has been filed against a man charged with stabbing a woman at a Mayo Clinic Hospital cafeteria in May of 2019. The lawsuit also names the woman’s employer, Morrison Healthcare which provides foodservice employees at Mayo Clinic.

According to the lawsuit Augustino Nasona was a Mayo Clinic employee with key-card access to the kitchen where the woman worked.

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According to court records, officers spoke with witnesses and learned that Nasona had approached the woman and stabbed her multiple times.

The lawsuit says "on several occasions before May 28, 2019, Nasona gained access to the kitchen with his key card entering as an intruder with criminal intent, making violent threats against [the woman], acting out and publicizing his wrath towards her."

The lawsuit also says on several occasions the woman had complained to her manager about Nasona’s access to the kitchen. The woman claims in the lawsuit that Morrison Healthcare told her to keep working and "negligently, carelessly and unlawfully failed to furnish [the woman] with a safe workplace for her."

The woman claims in the lawsuit the negligence by the company and the actions by Nasona directly resulted in the woman being hurt "physically and emotionally both now and permanently, and has and still suffers from these injuries."

The woman is suing for damages in excess of $50,000 from both Nasona and the company.