WATCH: Local health experts answer common COVID-19 questions from Olmsted Co. residents

OLMSTED COUNTY, Minn. (ABC 6 News) – Local health experts in Olmsted County got together to answer questions they get often from the community.

People were able to submit questions for the panel to discuss and answer. The panel included OCPHS Director Graham Briggs, OCPHS Operations Section Chief Leah Espinda-Brandt, Olmsted Medical Center’s Dr. Randy Hemann and Mayo Clinic infectious disease expert Dr. Elie Berbari.

Questions asked include:

  • Why does the CDC recommend wearing a mask even though I’m vaccinated?
  • What is the difference between getting a third COVID shot versus getting a COVID booster?
  • What are the best recommendations to protect children and other family members who can’t get vaccinated at this time?

Olmsted County Public Health said this is the first video in a series of videos providing information for residents. The next video will focus on youth and their experience with COVID-19 vaccines and masking.

The video can be viewed below