Voting now open to decide name of new RPS middle school

ROCHESTER, Minn. (ABC 6 News) – Voting is now open to decide the name of Rochester Public Schools’ new middle school.

Last Spring students were able to submit name ideas for the new middle school with the following criteria in mind:

  • Reflect the School District’s values and beliefs
  • Represent the diversity within our community
  • Instill inspiration in students

Voting opens Wednesday and closes Sept. 16. The winning name will be announced at the RPS School Board meeting on Sept. 21

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The finalists are

  • Susan B. Anthony: A social rights activist of the 19th century, known especially for her leadership as an abolitionist and women’s suffrage champion. A student nominator said, "I see a lot of schools named after men in our area so I think a woman’s name would be good."
  • Dakota: A word meaning “friend or ally” that comes from the native people who lived in this area since at least the 1600s. A student nominator said, "I believe our new middle school should be named this to represent the first settlers of our area.
  • Martin Luther King, Jr.: A Nobel Peace Prize winner who was a tireless leader in the Civil Rights Movement. A student nominator said, "Martin Luther King was a strong advocate for equality with nonviolence."
  • Unity: A term used to describe coming together in harmony to form a complete whole. A student nominator said, "It inspires those attending the school as well as members of the community to create and maintain unity."
  • Wóksape: A word from our indigenous peoples meaning “wisdom”. A student nominator said, "It is a tribute to an amazing people that make Minnesota great."