UPDATE: Kim Potter trial judge reverses sequestering Daunte Wright’s father

(KSTP) – UPDATE: Hennepin County Judge Regina Chu late Thursday reversed her earlier decision to sequester the father of Daunte Wright. The judge’s order means Aubrey Wright will be able to watch the trial prior to being a witness.

With less than two weeks before jury selection is scheduled in the Kim Potter manslaughter case, prosecutors are asking the court to allow Daunte Wright’s father to watch the trial before he is called as a witness.

In a pretrial motion, presiding judge Regina Chu ordered Aubrey Wright to be sequestered to trial proceedings until he testifies. Potter’s attorney had requested Aubrey Wright be sequestered with the belief he would testify at the start of the trial.

Thursday, Assistant State Attorney General Matthew Frank filed a motion stating Aubrey Wright will likely be called near the end of the trial, and asked he be allowed to view the trial before his testimony.

Prosecutors explained they plan to use Aubrey Wright to provide spark-of-life testimony, which is allowed in Minnesota to share personal background information about a victim. Aubrey Wright is not expected to be asked about the fatal encounter itself.

Potter, the former Brooklyn Center police officer charged in Daunte Wright’s death, will stand trial with cameras present, following a reversal by the court last week.

Jury selection is scheduled for Nov. 30 with the trial to begin on Dec. 8.