Two women host podcast to remember women forgotten in history

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(ABC 6 NEWS) – Thursday is the last day of Women’s History Month and two local women have been celebrating women’s history for the past three years through a podcast they created.

Kelley Gammell and Emily Neville met back in college and have been friends for more than a decade.

A few years back they were looking for a way to spend more time together.

"We both read this story about this woman that the French Government was like no we are going to make sure like you don’t exist basically we were both like that is terrible we should start talking about these women so we were like yeah let’s do a podcast about women people haven’t heard of," Co-Creator of ‘Wining about Herstory’ Kelly Gammell said.

And that is how the podcast ‘Wining about Herstory’ was born.

"It’s a conversation it is friendship and we’ve had a lot of people say that that they are like you know I listen to you guys in my car and it really is it’s like sitting with my two best friends and having a conversation and that is really what we aim for at least for me and we really want people to feel welcome even though we do talk about some really depressing subjects," Gammell said.

From starting their first episode with one microphone to now reaching people all over the world. Neither of them studied history, just two women who wanted to give a spotlight to those we don’t know.

"During women’s history month we do get a little more exposure and it is wonderful to see people taking an interest and we want to capitalize on that but at the same time women’s history is American history is world history is black history is queer history and it is our history and it shouldn’t be relegated to only a month," Co-Creator of ‘Wining about Herstory’ Emily Neville said.

"The stories won’t start until the woman is an adult and doing something just because you know it didn’t matter until she did something important which isn’t true or she got married and sometimes it can be really depressing."

They celebrated the three-year anniversary of the podcast earlier in March on International Women’s Day and they always highlight a woman from Minnesota on that day.

"I covered the Willmar 8, I covered Alice McGaw who is actually connected to the Mayo Clinic. She is one of the reasons the Mayo Clinic is on the map she worked directly with Will and Charlie Mayo," Neville said.

While Women’s History Month is ending, they said they are always celebrating women of all backgrounds who have been forgotten or erased from history.

"By examining women or other people who are underrepresented in our history books we get a fuller and more complete story of our history," Neville said.

"In a way for us it is not about making history it’s about changing how people see the history that is already there," Gammell said.

They release an episode each week and you can learn more about ‘Wining about Herstory’ here.