The Haunted Hallways of Austin

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(ABC 6 NEWS) – Two women in Austin love Halloween and for years now they’ve turned their love into a haunted attraction.

Amanda Clennon and Nicole Riemann are the creators of the Haunted Hallways and have held the Haunted Hallways in Austin for about 10 years.

They said it all started because of their love for the holiday, but also when they didn’t have any kids to take trick or treating one year so they decided to scare people instead.

There were just four people creating decorations this year.

They pay close attention to detail and have created thousands of decorations themselves by revamping old dollars and Christmas decorations to make different themed rooms.

This year they are in a new location and are coming back after having last year off.

It is also free for anyone to visit.

"As parents, ourselves we like to go an enjoy things with our children and that is kind of where it started is it is just fun to watch the families. Usually, our greatest pleasure is scaring the dads or the moms after the kids go through so it was just something to create a fun Halloween experience without having to worry about money," said Riemann.

It’s not just props, friends and family volunteer to add a live element to the hallways.

They expect this year to be their biggest and best yet.

"It feels so good it does it is so amazing and we have been looking back and we get embarrassed by every year that we had prior so it is just nice to live up to our own standards. We are very picky with our work and trying to keep it our vision and it is just nice to see it come through," said Clennon and Riemann.

The new location is at 2019 17th St. SE in Austin.

There is a parking lot at the new location and they ask you to not park across Highway 218.

The Haunted Hallways are only on Saturday night and is from 6 to 10 p.m.

You can find out more here.