State Patrol: 261 crashes, 115 spin-outs in 18 hours after snow falls across Minnesota

(KSTP) – The Minnesota State Patrol was busy overnight responding to crashes and spin-outs.

From 5 p.m. Saturday until 11 a.m. Sunday, State Patrol reported 261 crashes and 115 spin-outs. Although no crashes were fatal, 26 did result in injury, State Patrol said.

About 1 inch of snow was reported around the Twin Cities metro, with higher snow totals up north.

Some drivers said the snow is great scenery, but driving in it is a different story.

“Everyone is a rookie on the first snow. People running stop signs, stop lights and you got the people that are overcautious,” Josh Hicks, Minnesota driver, said.

Crashes were caught on camera overnight. Cars were losing control, sliding and spinning off the road and some caused pileups.

“I live over by the Mississippi River and the roads were really bad this morning when we were out. It seemed like they [drivers] were being cautious, but it was hard because it was just so icy,” Rick Pike, Minnesotan, said.

Benjamin Huerta, Minnesotan, can’t escape the snow.

It’s his job to remove it from the roads, but he says there’s beauty in the cleanup.

“When the roads are very slippery it’s difficult and I have to be very careful,” Huerta said in Spanish. “I like the snow. I like to work in it. It’s very pretty.”

Some say dealing with driving in the snow comes with being a Minnesotan.

“It doesn’t bother me. Growing up as a Minnesotan by now you know you get used to it,” Hicks said.