Sheriff: copper theft, damage reported at rural Mower County wind turbines

(ABC 6 News) – The Mower County Sheriff’s Office has received multiple reports of copper theft and damage to wind turbines in rural Mower County.

The turbines, owned by EDF Renewable Services, are located at 26255 680th Ave. Five turbines at this location were damaged and copper wire had been stolen. Eight other turbines have also been damaged and had copper stolen.

The sheriff’s office does not have a damage estimate for the five turbines that were recently damaged but the damage estimate for the other eight is estimated at $38,000.

The sheriff’s office said because of the high voltage the wind turbines create, removing any type of wire from them can be very dangerous.

The Mower County Sheriff’s Office is requesting the publics’ assistance on these thefts, if you see vehicles in the area of the turbines please call the Mower County Law Enforcement Center at 507-437-9400.