RPS to move three language courses to Zoom

(ABC 6 News) – Beginning next school year, Rochester Public Schools will teach several language classes over Zoom – or a similar video meeting service.

During the 2022-2023 year, Century, John Marshall, and Mayo High Schools will coordinate to teach French, German, and Latin online “via synchronous, live instruction,” marketing and communications administrator Cassandra Gehling said.

Student enrollment in the courses has declined over the past several years, and classes are now half the size or smaller than the average high school class, Gehling said.

Building administrators and school district leaders developed the plan avoid stretching RPS’ budget deficit further, she said.

“School and district leaders considered phasing these languages out of the high school curriculum by discontinuing the first year of instruction in each language while allowing current students to complete their courses of study,” Gehling added. “However, that approach was ultimately rejected because it would have deprived students of the opportunity to acquire valuable skills in those world languages.”

Rochester Public School teachers will continue to teach the online courses, which will combine enrollment across the three high schools.