RPD: Truck stolen after owner steps out to lay salt, leaves truck running

ABC 6 NEWS) – The Rochester Police Department said a man’s pickup truck was stolen while he left it running on Tuesday night in southeast Rochester.

The theft happened around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday near 4th Ave. and 4th St. SE.

A crew was removing snow from the parking lot in the area.

One of the drivers got out of his truck to lay some salt and left his truck running. He noticed two men were approaching his truck and he started heading back, according to police.

The two men jumped into the truck and started to drive away. The man grabbed onto the truck and held on for about a minute, but was not hurt, according to police.

Later that night the truck was seen in Northeast Rochester by one of the men’s coworkers.

Shortly later, an officer saw the truck on N Broadway Ave. The officer tried to stop the vehicle, but the driver sped off and the officer did not follow.

Later a witness called and said the truck was near 6th St. and 9th Ave. SE. According to police, the two suspects were seen getting out of the truck and headed toward a nearby walking trail.

Officers found the driver of the truck around 9:07 p.m. and arrested him.

30-year-old Tyrone Land is facing possible charges for fleeing an officer in a motor vehicle, theft of a vehicle, 1st-degree damage to property, and reckless driving.

The truck has about $1,000 in damage.