Police arrest 1 in quadruple homicide; 4 families look for answers

(KSTP) – A horrific crime has four families in mourning — and looking for answers.

"This is bigger than Loyace. This is four families that are grieving, and their children,” Ashli Jones declared. "The children deserve justice.”

Jones is trying to come to terms with an unimaginable loss: Her brother Loyace Foreman, his girlfriend Jasmine Sturm, Jasmine’s brother Matthew Pettus, and Nitosha Flug-Presley, one of Jasmine’s longtime friends, are dead.

All, investigators say, were found shot to death in an abandoned SUV, left in a Wisconsin cornfield.

"Loyace and Jasmine were an item. They were boyfriend and girlfriend,” Jones recalled. “I do know that Jasmine and Tosha were best friends."

Dunn County Sheriff Kevin Bygd says Darren McWright — who also goes by the last name "Osborne"— was arrested by St. Paul Police. He’s now being held in Ramsey County Jail, awaiting extradition and facing four charges of hiding a corpse in Wisconsin. Bygd says more charges are expected as the investigation continues.

Authorities are continuing to look for a second suspect — Antoine Suggs — who is believed to be in the Twin Cities. Police say he should be considered armed and dangerous.

But so far, the sheriff says there’s no clear motive in the case.

"That’s still kind of a mystery,” Bygd said. “And I’m hoping for the families’ sake that we can figure that out eventually."

Jones says she’s relieved there’s been one arrest and hopes anyone with information will come forward.

“It’s a step toward justice, she said. “We are currently looking and pleading with the community right now to continue to give tips. If you hear anything, see anything, please call it in.”

But Jones is at a loss about why four young people lost their lives.

"There is nothing I can imagine what this could be about,” she said. “My brother was not perfect, but we loved him unconditionally. As far as I know, this was a friend visiting from out of state."

The group of four was last seen at two different St. Paul bars late Saturday night.

A criminal complaint filed against McWright says witnesses from the bar told police they saw Suggs that evening with Flug-Presley. The complaint also states that Suggs would, from time-to-time, fly in from Arizona to Minnesota to see her.

“She was a beautiful soul,” Damone Presley, Nitosha’s father, said. “Life taken early — and her friend’s life taken early, for no reason at all.”

Presley says he, too, is glad about that first arrest. He says he also wants answers about who was behind these deaths.

“I hope this is only the beginning, because this is not the only one, with that arrest,” Presley said. "There is no excuse or rationale. Total outrageous nonsense. No one should have lost their life. My daughter shouldn’t have lost her life for no reason."

The families say they are coping the best they can.

Foreman leaves behind two sons, who are 8- and 13-years-old. Flug-Presley was a full-time mom, with two children, 4 and 11.

Presley says Christmas will be different this year without his daughter there.

“She was daddy’s princess,” Presley said quietly. “Daddy’s angel, daddy’s little girl. A mother, and a loving and caring friend.”

Jones remembered that Foreman — who did contracting work — had built a patio for their parents, now retired, living in the Houston area. She says their house was badly damaged by Hurricane Nicholas and the only thing left standing was that patio.

Meanwhile, one of Foreman’s sons has a birthday coming up this weekend.

“Took care of his kids, he had them every weekend and after work, go hang out with Jasmine. He was home every night,” Jones said. “And we have to celebrate the birthday without his dad. To have to have that conversation… nobody should have that conversation with their child.”