Parents and students share their concerns about threats made to Austin High School

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(ABC 6 News) – When word started circulating Monday morning of a social media post about a potential threat of a shooting at Austin High School, it didn’t take long for the district to call authorities and parents to start making calls.

"I was just making sure everyone was safe. I did post the picture that way people would know," Allison Winter, a freshman at Austin High School said.

Allison showed ABC 6 News that picture that was going around on social media. It did reference a firearm being brought into school property.

And for Allison, she was just trying to figure out what was going on.

"I texted my friends asking ‘Hey, have you heard about this, and are you being safe? Have you texted your parents? What are you going to do about it?’"

Allison tells ABC 6 News some of her friends went home, others thought the threat was fake and stayed in school.

But Allison’s dad Derik knew there was a potential risk and picked her up from school. He’s disappointed in the district.

"They should have locked things down and started precautions then instead of letting students come to school," Derik Winter said.

Austin Public Schools Superintendent Joey Page tells our newsroom, "As a school district – students and staff safety are a priority. While we hope never to be faced with a tragedy, the district has worked closely with local law enforcement to create policies and procedures to prepare, respond and review a crisis."

Austin Police Chief David McKichan echoes the same message as the Superintendent.

He said on the Austin Police Department Facebook page that they do not believe the original intent of the juvenile in Austin who posted the image from elsewhere was to threaten anyone and they could not substantiate any credibility to the threat.

He adds, even though the threat was not credible, it does not make the fear that some people had Monday morning any less real.

And Derik Winter has a message for Austin Public Schools.

"Take the threats more seriously. If they hear anything, they should inform parents the right way. To not tell them right away I feel like is infringing on our rights as parents," Winter said.


(ABC 6 News) – Austin Public Schools and Austin Police said a possible threats made on social media against the high school are unsubstantiated.

A spokesperson for APS said a photo was circulating on social media suggesting a threat to the high school. The district was made aware of the social media post Monday morning and began investigating it with law enforcement.

The sheriff’s office told ABC 6 News there is no threat to the school.

Superintendent Page says no gun was discovered at the high school or any Austin Public Schools site.