Opening dates for area pools

(ABC 6 News) -While the first day of summer may not technically be until June 21, pools in our area are beginning to open up for the summer season.

Here is a list of opening dates for pools in the area below:

Albert Lea

Albert Lea Aquatic Center opens June 4


Austin city pool opens June 6


Soldiers Field Pool scheduled to open on June 5

Silver Lake Pool scheduled to open June 6

Foster Arend Beach and Cascade Beach opened May 28


Byron city pool scheduled to open mid-June


Aquatic Center opened May 28

Pine Island

Pine Island city pool opens June 6


Chatfield Aquatic Center opens June 4

Dodge Center

Natalie Webb Family Aquatic Center tenative opening June 3


Mel Brownell Aquatic Center opens June 4


Stewartville public pool opens June 6

Additional information will be added to this article as it becomes available.