MnDOT reminders for snowfall, poor road conditions

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(ABC 6 News) – Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) is always reminding drivers how to stay safe during snowy road conditions.

A total of 101 snowplows in District 6 hit the roads early on Friday morning and into the night.

"This one is one of those events where the snow just keeps coming down so they continually go out there and run their routes," Cindy Morgan, Public Engagement Coordinator for MnDOT, said.

MnDOT reminds all drivers to be patient, drive slow and give the snowplows room to do their job, especially during these fluffier snowfalls like we saw Friday.

"You don’t know what you can’t see and the plows are trying to help you out so that you can see the roadway. So, give them that room, give them that patience and we should all be able to make it to our destination in great shape," Morgan said.

Some Rochester residents are making the best out of yet another snowfall this year.

"Just find a way to enjoy it. It’s Minnesota," Michelle Niederstadt said.

But still well into the afternoon Friday, some streets weren’t in great condition for driving.

"I was surprised roads were not more clear than they were. I’m kind of surprised our street right here hasn’t been plowed yet but I felt like the main roads were not bad. Some of the side streets were still pretty questionable," Niederstadt said.

Niederstadt’s kids go to Rochester Public Schools where they are being switched to distance learning next week.

"You know that was the topic at work that maybe if we would not be going to distance learning next week they would’ve called a snow day today," she said. "I think because we’ve had a fairly mild winter as far as snow goes, other than the brutal cold we had. Yes, would I love to say we’re done with snow by now? Obviously, but we could get snow in May. It’s Minnesota!"